Kitchener Stitch

For me Kitchener Stitch is a dreaded word. I always seem to have trouble with it. I try so very hard to get it right but I always seem to get myself in a mess. When I am doing it I tell everyone around me not to talk to me so that I can keep my concentration on the task. And for me it’s a difficult task, I always seem to get lost with what I am doing. I have to talk to myself out loud continually telling myself what to do so that I don’t lose track and that’s the problem, I always lose track. Do you have trouble doing Kitchener Stitch?

I have since devised a way for me to do Kitchener Stitch, where it actually works. These days when I do Kitchener Stitch I knit in waste yarn for a few rows at the end and that has made it so much easier for me. Having knit with the waste yarn I then am able to follow the waste yarn and do my Kitchener Stitch to finish my sock.


Socks with the knitted on waste yarn.


In the process of doing Kitchener Stitch using the waste yarn as a guide.

I also have a tendency to knit both socks first and then do all the finishing at once. What are you like when it comes to finishing off your socks?


Hope everyone’s having a great week




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