Pancakes For Breakfast

Well I don’t know about you but when I was growing up pancakes were a special treat and we would have them for our evening meal and only occasionally, so of course it was a real treat when it did happen. Of course now that I am a mum and the one who does a lot of the cooking, well I now know what a lot of work it is to cook the pancakes. We would always have the ones that are like crepe’s, you know the real thin ones and we would put lemon juice and sprinkle sugar on them. But now I like having them for breakfast, with strawberries and natural yogurt, I make the fat, fluffy ones and they are so easy to make. I use Jamie Oliver’s recipe which is real easy and you can find it here.


A little browner than I normally like but hey they still taste good!


Love strawberries!

The other recipe I have found that I want to try is this Homemade Waffle mix and you will find the recipe here. As yet I haven’t gotten around to making it as I need to buy some of the ingredients but I really like the idea of this. Pre making the mix and keeping it in a large jar until you want your waffles, then when you are ready all you have to do is use the appropriate amount of the mix and then add your wet ingredients. How easy is that? A nice quick, healthy breakfast, you couldn’t ask for anything better. Let me know what you think of this waffle mix.


My waffle maker which is in the shape of a penguin, I can see myself having a couple of these for brekky.

Happy knitting



4 responses to “Pancakes For Breakfast

  1. We never had pancakes for breakfast either, but we did eat them almost weekly for lunch!
    Every week, on Wednesday (because we didn’t have school on Wednesday afternoon, my sister and I were allowed to choose whether we wanted tosti’s or pancakes for lunch…and we almost always chose pancakes…
    Clever mum quickly taught us how to make pancakes ourselves…saving her a lot of work aside from cleaning the kitchen..

    • Lol,

      What a good mum you have, making them for your lunch. As a mum myself I fully understand your mum teaching you how to make them. They are so easy and with a bit of fresh fruit, healthy as well.

  2. I used to have them for breakfast every Sunday as I grew up. It was a Sunday morning thing with my dad making the pancakes. He always made fun shapes, animals, and letters out of the pancake batter! Threw in blueberries or chocolate chips too! Good times.

    Now I eat pancakes for dinner when I eat them! LOL

    • I love the idea of shapes. Isn’t it wonderful having these great childhood memories and I love the idea of chocolate chips in them, I have a thing for chocolate.

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